About Ian

I was born in Shanghai China, now based in the Netherlands. Based on a deep understanding of visual design, I excel at problem detecting, analysing. I am also interested in psychology - a powerful way for me to solve problems in UX design.

During my master's study in the Netherlands I am fascinated by interactive design and subsequently focus to UX design.

I love teamwork and always get excited by igniting sparks in the team and gaining new knowledge. I believe Good Design creates Happiness. 

I have done work for:  

Primary Skills

User research

“You can not understand good design if you don’t understand people” - Dieter Rams
I have always been intrigued by the psychology behind people's behaviours and words. This particular interest drove me a way to be a UX designer. I took user research course in interaction design foundation, aim to learn a professional way of user interview & observations & testing, thematic analysis.


I am good at raising the right questions, ask them in the right way. By connecting to people and asking questions I understand my role as a designer better.
Illustrations by Marginalia, available at Ouch!

Visual design

5 years of brand design and strategy work experience helps me a build up a solid understanding of visual languages.
Not only proficient software skills but also the practical knowledge of type and typography.




Adobe XD

Microsoft Office
Design Skills

UX/UI Design
Graphic Design
User Research
Customer Journey
Persona A/B Testing
Usability Testing

Psychology Research
Data Visualization
Branding Design
Critical Thinking
Brand Strategy


I love Swing Dance, when I am dancing, I free my body in the melody, you can see purely joyful smile on my face.

Cooking is my entertainment, sharing food is my way of caring friend : b 

I've been doing Yoga five years for 5 years, it is a part of my life, a moment to listen to my heart and to feel the body.

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